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The GARE Approach: Courses and Resources

GARE Racial Equity Framework

The GARE Learning Center is focused on supporting the GARE approach through events, courses, and other resources. This section provides self-paced courses and resources to help you on your journey toward becoming a racial equity professional. The GARE approach is driven by a framework of visualize, normalize, organize, and operationalize and the learning content and resources shared here directly support this approach and framework.

Shared vision & values for racial equityA shared analysis and definitions
Urgency / Prioritize
Internal Infrastructure
Racial equity tools
Data to develop strategies and drive results


Racial Equity Tools

Racial Equity Core Teams: The Engines of Institutional Change
This guide provides jurisdictions and organizations with the tools and strategies to establish and scale a cross-departmental Core Team, as well as case studies from GARE Network Members.
Racial Equity: Getting to Results
Tools are not the work, but they help us do work. Racial Equity: Getting to Results helps begin the process of using racial equity informed Results-Based Accountability to do more impactful work in your jurisdiction.
Racial Equity Action Plans: A How-to Manual
This manual provides guidance for local governments to develop their own Racial Equity Action Plans after a period of research and information gathering. This manual also provides guidance and tools to conduct this research.
Advancing Racial Equity and Transforming Government: A Resource Guide to Put Ideas Into Action
This toolkit is based on the lessons learned from practitioners, as well as academic experts and national technical assistance providers. You may be participating in a structured workshop and using it as a part of the workshop; or you may be using it as a reference. It is a resource that will hopefully be informative, but more importantly, one that we hope will assist government leaders in operationalizing racial equity.
Racial Equity Toolkit: An Opportunity to Operationalize Equity
Use of a racial equity tool can help to develop strategies and actions that reduce racial inequities and improve success for all groups.